Embroidery and printing

Stand 21 database: over 25,000 embroidery programs will provide you with the finest in graphics!

- Stand 21 benefits from multiple production lines afforded by the latest in embroidery-machine technology, providing an exceptional quality that helps present your drivers, teams and partners to the media in their best light. Direct embroidery can be applied to the racing suits, gloves, shoes, clothing or any other garments or accessories.

- Embroidery computer programs are created directly for you by Stand 21 (over 1500 new programs created every year).

- Stand 21’s quality has been refined for many years by crafting thousands of embroideries for Porsche Motorsport, Michelin, Red Bull, Playstation, Volkswagen, Total Fina Elf, Corvette Racing, Mercedes-AMG, Renault, UPS, Valvoline, Tour Auto, Andros, Texaco, Matmut, Eurosport, Liqui Moly, Recaro, Eibach, Motul, Infineon...

- With fair pricing and sophisticated technical solutions, Stand 21 is able to offer racing teams and drivers, high-quality embroidery to best promote and convey their image, as well as their partners image.


- 1. Direct embroidery achieved through a computer program.

- 2. Monogram embroidery produced from a pre-established font.
- 3. Personalized badges sewn on fabrics.

The FIA 8856-2000 certification
enforced since December 1, 2001 requires:

- Direct embroideries must be sewn only on the outside layer of a racing suit.
- Badges displayed on the racing suit must be ISO 15025 A certified, with an aramid-fiber background and must be sewn using aramid thread only.

- The drivers and teams’  favorite solution in terms of look
- Exceptional durability

Embroidery program:
To run the program, you have to send us a technical design specifying all dimensions and the Pantone or Madeira color codes. The embroideries spot has to be clearly specified. The program and the embroidery prices depend on the size and complexity of the logo.

Any graphic works (badges, embroideries...) are carried out under the entire responsibility of the customer who is fully responsible for obtaining the proper authorizations for the
use of any trademarks. In any case Stand 21 denies any
liability for any illicit or abusive reproductions of a trademark.

We have more than 20, 000 programs in inventory,
however you can use them with the trademark
owner’s consent only.

You can have your embroideries made phosphorescent to be seen
at night.

Contact us for 3D’s embroideries

Embroider a simple lettering from the available fonts.
All the fonts are available with a 10 to 50 mm height
Direct embroidery on belt, on chest...
Direct embroidery on belt, on chest... More than 50 floating flags available Dimensions: 30x50 mm
- No minimum order (on condition)
- Embroidered on an aramid  background   (FIA 8856-2000 standard) or cotton (go-kart, sportswear)
- Great finishing - Provide us your embroidery instructions   (high-resolution pictures, size, Pantone colors) - Delivery time: from 15 to 20 working days (ex-works, Dijon)

The creation of embroidery programs is done at Stand 21 directly which guarantees monitoring and optimum quality at a very interesting price.

- If you have several embroideries of the same logo to produce with sizes differing   by more than 20% we will have to create a new program for each size.  
- Be careful, if less than 10 mm-high, letters are not clearly readable.  
- For program or embroidery prices, please send us a high-quality picture.  
- The price relies on the number of stitches needed for the embroidery.

Flex marking
An alternative decor option...

Not as visually pleasing as traditional embroidery and less wear resistant, this application process allows hot-stamping the decor on the racing suit's cloth material within a thin layer of synthetic plastic, fire & heat tested.
To make this possible, the customer must provide adequate vector-produced logos and designs.