Boots specially designed for mechanics
FIA 8856-2018 approved
Customizable from a pair only!
(4 weeks delay)
Lightweight, comfortable and resistant to heat and hydrocarbons

  • Stock MecaFeet boots
  • Stock MecaFeet boots
Copyrighted - please click for more information Special design Made-to-measure Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Embroidering available Light Oil & fuel resistant
Available colours:
Black (grain or suede leather)

Technical data

1. Lightness and comfort
2. Curved sole around the heel
3. EVA Micro-cellular material shock-absorbing outsole
4. Reinforced hard heel and toe
5. Heat and Hydrocarbon Resistance
6. Increased ankle support by lacing
7. Ankle Velcro-fastening straps
Meca-Feet mechanics boots technical data

- Comfort and lightness specific to mechanics' concerns
- Ankle and maleole protection
- Size: 36 to 46 and USA