ST3020 HSC

SFI 3.2A Level 20 homologated for Drag racing, stretchable and breathable.

  • Customized ST3020 HSC Dragster type racing suit
  • Combinaison type Dragster ST3020 HSC personnalisée
Copyrighted - please click for more information Special design Made-to-measure Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Embroidering available Perspiration Stretchable
Available colors for customization:
Brown Red Orange Yellow Lime green 368C Dark green 3425C Vintage blue Royal blue Sunset blue Navy blue Black Grey Silver White

Technical data

- SFI 3.2A Level 20 standard
- 7 layers
- pAIRformance®: stretchable, multidirectional material
- Lycra/aramid floating sleeves
- Pre-formed sleeves
- Applied pockets
- Anti-injury inner-belt
- Custom colors available with a 100 suit-minimum order (extra cost, contact us)